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Getting your fix during the off season

With the 2002 Winter Olympic Games here in Utah, I can almost forget about skiing or snowboarding away my desires to Mountain Bike. It's our coldest and wettest winter in years and I have to go a long way south to get any real riding. Even Moab and the rest of Southern Utah are seeing consistent daily highs in the upper 20's and low 30's. No thanks.

There's a few things you can do to keep from going crazy . . .

Time to get lights - Unless you are living next to the equator, winter brings shorter days and longer nights. I've been caught on late rides too many times without em. I know they're spendy, but man are they worth it. Go out and get a nice pair and don't let the lack of daylight slow you down. I still feel that NiteRider makes the best lights for the money.

Popcorn and a Video - OK, so you aren't actually riding, but this has gotta be the next best thing. On the safety of your couch, you can watch others feel the pleasure and pain. You usually won't find them at Blockbuster or Hollywood. Recent favorites have been Freeride Entertainments Fat Tire Fury (New World Disorder 2), Ride to the Hills, Double Down, and Kranked 4 (Search for the Holey Trail). Try your local bike, motorcycle or skate shop, or order online. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

|Urban Assault - Until recently, I was never one to enjoy road riding much. I admire the Trials riders from a distance. Nonetheless, I'm convinced there's nothing better for improving your balance and control than trials riding.. Check out for some great riding and photos.

Snow Schmo - Don't let the weather stop you. Bundle up, eat a hearty bowl of stew, and head out. Make sure you have nice warm wool or substitute material socks and warm winter bike gloves. Your hands and feet will freeze first. Get some studded tires or make your own and go. Edmonton Bicycle Commuters have some helpful information on studding your tires and general bike winterizing.