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BodyTeq Bike Helmet Liner

BodyTeq™ Apparel, Inc., has developed a line of headgear accessories that claim to deliver extraordinary protection against the harmful effects of heat stress and fatique. The science behind it? BodyTeq utilizes Hydroweave®, a unique, high performance fabric that works through evaporation. But rather than you putting a wet towel on your head, this thing will fit nicely under your bike helmet and keep your head cool in temperatures as high as 120 degrees for up to 8 hours.

Update: We tested BodyTeq's bike helmet liner with a relatively moderate Utah temperature of 90 degrees. However, this was a ride with climbing, so I wouldn't have wanted any hotter. After following the instructions to soak the liner, then ring out excess water, before fitting to head, we set off. On the day of the test, we had already had a little too much sun. Let me say that putting this thing on was like getting a 7 course meal after a long day of riding. It felt incredible. The fit, perfect, and instantly you feel like you've turned down the temperature 20 degrees. What makes this liner hard to duplicate is it's lasting affect. Although this particular ride was not more than a couple hours, it seemed as if it could have gone on for 8. Some long term tests will follow, but high marks for BodyTeq thus far. In the meantime, check out their website for more details on the product, technology behind it, and ordering information.

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