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What's Up Archive

Cannondale Motorcycle

With many bicycle companies struggling to stay in business these days, it's a wonder how Cannondale continues to post good profits. After looking at their recent quarterly report I quickly realized what they were doing different. There 20% increase over the same period last year was contributed almost entirely to their larger bikes with engines, or as some would call them, "motorcycles". Now if only the other companies would get a clue and follow suit. ;)

GAP goes biking

GAP now thinks that their new 30 second biking commercials will sell clothing. Whether you do or not, you will want to go ride your bike. They do a good job of capturing a fun ride with a good tune.

The Los Angeles filmed ad features Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Where's My Car?, That 70's Show, coming soon in The Butterfly Effect), Scarlett Johansson (Ghost World, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Horse Whisperer, coming soon in Eight Legged Freaks), Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous, Mumford, coming soon in The Good Girl) and Jay Hernandez (Crazy/Beautiful, The Rookie)

Specialized recalls all 2002 FSR Enduros

04/29 - After receiving 39 reports of seatstays on their 2002 Enduros breaking, Specialized voluntarily recalled about 2,200 bicycles. These include the Pro (Silver), Expert (Black), Comp (Yellow), and the Enduro FSR (Blue). Maybe now they'll do something about my 2000 Enduro Big Hit that broke at the seatstay over a year ago. Contact your local Specialized dealer for a free replacement, or Specialized directly for more info. (800) 214-1468

Answer wants Progressive technology

03/05 - It didn't take long for a company making great suspension for motorcycles to jump into the mountain biking arena and position themselves to take a strong market share. Progressive Suspension's dampening technology has been the key to attracting Santa Cruz, Intense, and now Answer Products/Manitou. Their 5th Element shock was a hit at Interbike 2001, and if it's half as good as the reports from the field, you can expect Fox Racing Shox to start worrying.

Farewell to Ibis

02/29- Just months after discontinuing it's frame production cooperation with Strong Frames, Inc. of Bozeman, Montana, Ibis LLC, formerly Ibis Cycles, turned off their phones and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Scot Nicol who started the company in 1981 has played a strong role in the early development of Mountain Bikes and serious Trials Bikes. Scot sold his company in April 2000 to former General Manager Roger Salameh who was not able to pull the company from financial difficulties.

SRAM to buy RockShox

02/29- After a slow fourth quarter and loan defaults to the tune of $4 million +, RockShok was shopping for investors. What they ended up getting was a buyer. In an agreement that includes working capital and a stock buyout, SRAM will close the deal on it's new acquisition in mid-March. It sounds like we won't see SRAM influences into the fork models until after 2003 though.

Brett Tippie signs with Specialized

02/25 - Four of the founding fathers of freeride mountain biking, Richie Schley, Brett Tippie, Wade Simmons and Craig Olson all started pounding bikes in the 'Loops' (Kamloops, B.C., Canada). Now Specialized wants a piece of the exploding market.

They new they had a good bike when they developed the Big Hit. Now they have the North Shore rider to help promote it. Brett Tippie signed in January. Sorry for the late news.

Race Face Ultimate Freeride Challenge

02/08 - It's finally here. After a submission extension, Race Face was able to get the quality submissions they needed and assembled the top 16 submissions for the public to vote on. The RIDER that wins, will take home $10,000 US dollars, along with a freeride contract with Race Face.

The first round of voting includes two B.C. Canadians (Cory Leclerc & Dylan Tremblay) and two locals from here in Utah (Lance Canfield & Ashley Christenson). Cam McRae from NSMB seemed to think that Lance's video was shot by Thor Wixom ("Down" videos), when in actuality it was Shawn Spomer from 164productions and creator of "Alpha Project". GO VIEW THE VIDS AND VOTE!

Get decked out for next to nothing

02/08 - It doesn't cost a fortune to get the the right duds for riding. In fact, you can probably do it for less than your normal riding clothes. Best of all, these items are made for mountain biking and the punishment that comes with it:

Azonic Moto Jersey

Axo DH Pants

Chris Donahue signs with Balfa

02/01 - Expect to see Chris Donahue riding a few different bikes this year. But don't expect to see him on anything but a Balfa. He says he's stoked about the two year contract and the opportunity to ride for BALFA bikes.

With a full schedule this year for Dirt Jump demos, World Cups, and video filming, he should have plenty of time to put good hours on the BB7, 2Step, and Minute Man.

Red Bull Ride Results

It may have been home field advantage, but Australian Andrew Mills stole the crown from Wade Simmons with a great last run that put him on the winners podium. John Waddell, Dave Watson and Shane Wode placed third, fourth and fifth respectively.

The rocky course had it's share of victims, but was expected for such an event. Apparently, only two riders were able to land the close to 20 foot drop on the the Jindabyne course. Follow the link for more results and great pics of the event. Wish we could've been there.

Red Bull Ride Jindabyne, Australia

It's a Red Bull Ride for 2002 in Jindabyne, Australia. 25 of the world's best riders will converge on the rocky terrain of Australia's infamous Snowy Mountains to compete on the toughest mountain bike course ever experienced. The 2002 Red Bull Ride kicks off on the 29th of January 2002 for a two day mountain biking spectacular which will see the world's most talented riders battle it out for a share of the $15,000 prize pool.
Andrew Mills - Austrailia
Nathan Rennie - Australia
Ben Cory - Australia
Rob Jarman - UK
Chris O'Driscoll - USA
Robbie Bourdon - Canada
Dan Critch - UK
Sean McCarroll - Australia
Dave Watson - Canada
Shane Wode - Australia
Jared Rando - Australia
Shinichiro Kano - Japan
Joe Schwartz - Canada
Stijn Deferm - Belgium
John Waddell - Australia
Tarek Rasouli - Germany
Lionel Sequera - France
Thierry Isnel - France
Mark Johnston - New Zealand
Thomas Vanderham - Canada
Luke Radnor - Australia
Wade Simmons - Canada
Rohan Mogridge - Australia
Dean Mogridge - Australia
Ryan Norton - Australia
Grant Allen - Australia

Alpha Project

Shawn Spomer at 164productions has been capturing video of all the big races and events throughout the Rocky Mountains for quite some time now. His site is updated regularly with clips and footage you won't see anywhere. Finally, he has put together what has the potential to be the best compilation of freeride and race video south of the Canadian border.

Abercrombie & Fitch Freeride Video

Phew! Now that A&F thinks it's cool to be a freerider, I can go out in public!

If it weren't for a great clip featuring Dangerous Dan doing some North Shore riding, I would NEVER link to their site. I just can't believe the amount of sheep that flock to pay 50 bucks for a t-shirt because it has their name on it. "Baaaaa . . . Baaaaaa!"

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