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What's Up Archive 2

Santa Cruz V10 Video

Probably the best new suspension design to date. possibly10 inches of travel, 4 inches of negative travel, and NO pedal bob??

Santa Cruz did a good job explaining the technical side of the most coveted bike on my want list. Check out the specs and a great video with some riding footage. The V10 is not just a better bike, it's a better ride. Anyone want to buy my bullit?

Wade Simmons wins Red Bull Rampage

Simmons had his work cut out for him with the riders like Dave Watson, Robbie Bourdon and Myles Rockwell competing along side him. He managed to pull ahead in his final run and steal the $8,000 prize purse and the trip to Australia.

Josh Bender, a local and co-promoter for the event was quoted as saying, "This event gave the stagnating mountain bike community a swift kick that it desperately needed".

Interbike 2001

How'd you like to demo all the new bikes for 2002, party with the elite's in the biking industry while catching the premiers of two new biking videos before anyone else, and then spend three days catching a sneak peak of all the new bikes and bike products for the next year before anyone else?

Sorry, too late. You missed it. But WE didn't!! Here's a glimpse of what you missed.

Red Bull Rampage

Virgin, Utah - Global Event Management (GEM) has teamed up with Red Bull Energy Drink to stage the newest chapter in mountain bike competition, The Red Bull Rampage. This inaugural event is a first here in the US, and the format will be run similar to an extreme skiing contest, but on mountain bikes. This gravity powered contest will let competitors choose their own line and difficulty level within a designated corridor. It will be a judged event and athletes will be scored on the following criteria; difficulty of line, style, amplitude, fluidity, and overall impression. More To Come!

Interbike 2001

This is the 20th year of Interbike, the largest trade event for the bicycle industry. We'll be heading to Las Vegas one week from today to get you the inside scoop. Interbike 2001 starts on Saturday the 29th with an outdoor demo and ends 3 days later. And yes, we're bringing our bikes.

Kona 2002 bikes

Take a look at the 2002 Kona mountain bikes and tell us what you think. That downhill Stab Primo looks, . . . well . . ."Primo".

The Stinky Nine on the other hand has something wrong with it. Is it just me? Maybe it's just not photogenic. I'm sure it still rides nice.

Bob adds suspension!

The best bike trailer just got better. Add a coil over rear shock capable of supporting up to 70 pounds and more ground clearance and you have the ultimate companion for serious off-road riding. Makes me wanna make every ride a camping trip. Only problem is, the "Ibex" isn't scheduled out until next spring. Start saving now. Watch for updates at

So many trails, so little time.

Tired of doing "Rides from Hell"? You know, the ones that take ALL day and require more hiking than biking. These are the rides that look good on a map, entice with a gorgeous trail head, and begin with a long downhill so you can never just turn around and go back.

Yamaha makes a great mountain bike for these kinds of rides. It comes with lots of travel and . . oh yeah, . . .a 400cc engine.

Red Cross Disaster Relief

I don't think I need to add anything else to the comments that are all over the internet about the events of September 11th, 2001. Just want to say: DO YOUR PART. Here's a link to a disaster relief fund at Amazon. You can give as little as a buck or as much as you want. If you can't, go donate some blood or volunteer your time.

Race Face buys Roach Clothing

Here's a buyout I'm all for. I like Race Face, and I like Roach Clothing (specifically their pads). "A perfect fit", Craig Pollack, President of Race Face is quoted saying at Bicycle Retailer. Nothing published from Roach as of yet.

Race Face extends deadline for Video Challenge

If you were already making plans on how to spend the 10 Grand you'd win from your 1 minute video submission, looks like you'll have to wait a lot longer. Race Face extended the deadline for the Ultimate Freeride Challenge till January 15, 2002. Phew!, there is still time for me to master the "no-footer" for my submission. :)

A second helmet

Still dirt jumping or doing downhill with that x-country lid? If you find your on the doubles track or riding the lifts more than anything else, you should consider picking up a riding specific helmet. JensonUSA has some pretty good deals on each of the two extremes. The Azonic AZX (probably the best lightweight MX style full face) is on sale for \$89 (US). Sixsixone dirt lids are great helmet on the other end of the spectrum for \$19.95. See ya on the dirt track.

Rocky Mountain 2002 Early Releases

Seems like Kona isn't the only one to release models midyear. Rocky Mountain Bicycles releases a new Slayer, Element and Rail. Similar to the Element and Instinct is a new full suspension named "Carve". Even more exciting (to me) is the new "Switch". It's basically an RM7 crossed with a Specialized FSR rear end suspension (4-bar linkage). Sounds yummy. Crap!! . . . You can't even have a new bike for a year without coveting another. Anyway, you'll wanna check out all the details.

Lance Armstrong goes Postal

After a little more than a week of what seemed like casual riding leaving many U.S. cycling fans nervous, Lance Armstrong puts some ooomph back in a cheering section that was probably to quick too judge. In to the Mountains finally and it's just business. I quote his Nike ad: "This is my body. And I can do whatever I want to it. I can push it. Study it. Tweak it. Listen to it. Everybody wants to know what I'm on. What am I on? I'm on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?" ~ Lance Armstrong . . . .Go Postal Service! . . .yeah right. Go Lance.


Huffy Corporation confirms offer for cycling assets of Schwinn/GT. MIAMISBURG, OHIO, JULY 16, 2001 – HUFFY CORPORATION (NYSE-HUF) confirmed today that the Company has executed a definitive agreement to purchase the trademarks and selected cycling assets of Schwinn/GT Corp. Under the terms of the agreement, Huffy will pay an amount estimated to be in excess of \$60.0 million for the brands and trademarks of Schwinn/GT and for the inventory, accounts receivable and certain other assets of the cycling business.

Apparently, no one is sure whether they will continue to sell bikes under the Schwinn name. They haven't done too bad a job with Airborne, so I have some hope.

Marzocchi's 2002 Lineup

Is Christmas here already??! With what Mike Cushionbury of Bike Magazine claims to be Marzocchi's best lineup to date, they release their 2002 forks. Shown at left is the new Dirt Jumper 1 which will please all you BMX wannabees. It brings to the table up to 130mm travel and carry Super T stanchions. Inside they've setup heavier dampening and springs.

Also released are a new Bomber Marathon, Bomber MXR to replace the Z.3, Z.1 Wedge, MXC, and RAC Carbon. The RAC, like the Shiver models, is also built upside down. Marzocchi's Site

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